Photo Update: Grand Canyon

During our first week here, before even half our boxes were unpacked, we took a trip to the Grand Canyon. I’m not going to lie, I did have a “Bobby! Cindy!” chant in my head on the way there. (If you get the Brady Bunch reference, good job!) When we got there, I was stunned. It is quite the site!

Here are some photos from the natural wonder of the world.


So, So Good to be Back

We had a great Fourth. Well, more like a great First, Second, Third, and Fourth.

We’ve spent time in Falls City with Josh’s family, Lincoln with mine, have seen both of our Grandmas and spent last evening with our friends.

O it’s good to be back in The Good Life.

Visiting Grandma LaVeta.


Time at the pool with my sisters, and celebrating with the Hanigans.