For the Love of Living Together

I’ll freely admit that I have a lot more “lazy” habits than my husband. In fact, he’s taught me a lot about laundry since I think I did mine maybe three times a semester. And, for most of college, I had a roommate who could double as my mother when it came to fulfilling our domestic needs. (Thanks Hol!) I’ve always been somewhat of a neat freak, and am obsessed with things being “in their place,” but I always put homework or hangout before scrubbing or sweeping.

I have come a long way since college. I actually enjoy cooking and have learned to deep clean rather than straighten up a room. Not to mention, I do laundry several times a week.

I do still forget (every.single.time.) to clean my hair out of the drain, and move the drivers seat back and the steering wheel up.

Now, I’ve finally caught Josh in a habit of illogical behavior of his own…
(the lid is closed and the basket is completely EMPTY)



This is Josh

Meet my husband.

Josh is my rock of optimism, faith and ambition. If I express a desire to do something out loud, he shows me why it’s more than possible to achieve. The reason my life is an adventure is because of Josh’s vision and faith…and this rocks…since I love adventures.

Most people know that Josh is funny, or more like hilarious. He loves performing and lightening up situations. He helps bring joy to the seriousness of finances, chores, parenting and relationships.

He entered my world my senior year of high school, and changed it forever on New Years Eve 2010, when we were married.