Georgie’s Underwhelming Response to Birthday Cake

He’s usually a ham, but maybe twenty five people singing to him was weirder than he expected.

I’ll post pictures and more about his party. But for now we are busy celebrating his special day!


This is Birthday Week.

We are getting ready for Georgie to turn one.


Time has flown.

I dare say Georgie has impacted my world, and many others’ lives in a way that makes me wonder if our calendars have it wrong. He has to be older than one. At the same time, there’s no way he’s already one.

Hard to believe he won’t remember this year. So, I thought I’d spend this week sharing memories that he can one day read: goofy moments, adventures and reflections on how he’s changed me.

Anyone else want to contribute? Send me an email and photos if you’d like ( and I’ll post your memory 🙂


Georgie’s First Injury

Tonight parental peace of mind cost a mere $25 (thank you, insurance).

Georgie was playing with plastic bowls and tupperware while I was cooking and…shoot! He tumbled onto the edge of one of the bowls. The tears were immediate, which was alarming, since he rarely really cries. So, I grabbed him and tried to comfort him. I was surprised to find out there was blood, and a lot of it.

He had cut his lip.

So, after a minor freak out, an failed attempt to have him suck on a cold washcloth, a frantic phone call to husband, then to my own mom, we decided to take him to the Urgent Care Center, just in case he needed stitches.

He didn’t. Thank God.

He thought the little field trip was pretty fun. Josh and I felt much better knowing that he was okay.

Is this like hazing into parenthood? If so, I hope there are no repeat rituals.

“THE BOWL” dun. dun. dun.

Didn’t look so bad after we got him cleaned off.

Our first visit to an Urgent Care Center.

Hates Spinach, Loves Goat Milk Formula

Though he hates spinach, Georgie is loving his new (goat”s) milk.

About a month ago, I knew I needed to start giving Georgie something more than just my milk, since I wasn’t producing as much as he was wanting. And, I knew that I may need to find an alternative to my milk, in case I wasn’t able to continue pumping sufficient amounts. The thought was scary. Breast milk is so obvious. With my own milk I didn’t have to worry about harmful ingredients, and allergies. What’s more, my family has a history of dairy allergens and other information on the importance of “real food” made me hesitant to introduce a formula to my healthy guy.

My fear was replaced with excitement when I found this goat milk formula from someone much smarter than me  on the Organic and Thrifty blog. (Here’s the link to her page:

Georgie has been fully on this goat milk formula for almost two weeks now, and is doing great. I haven’t seen any notable difference yet. (Which surprises me!)

So, here’s the formula:

(I am paraphrasing and adding my comments to this recipe and commentary from Organic and Thrifty, who adapted this from Dr. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon’s Milk-Based Formula recipe in Nourishing Traditions)

Goat Milk Formula
36 ounces:2 cups raw or pastuerized goat milk (Organic and Thrifty says: “While raw milk will give optimal nutrition, it is my opinion that pastuerized and even powdered goats milk may be perferable, in some cases, to cow’s milk for children with extreme sensitivities.” For these reasons, I’ve been using Meyenberg’s pastuerized goat milk.)2 cups filtered water (I do closer to a 3:1 cup ratio of goats milk to water, now that Georgie is almost 11 months)

1/4 cup liquid whey from whole milk yogurt or kefir (I don’t include this in the formula, but rather feed Georgie yogurt in the morning, including the whey that has formed on top each morning.)

1 -2 tsp organic blackstrap molasses (Start with less, add more if needed. This provides B-vitamins, iron, trace minerals, and helped relieve constipation. If stools are too loose, decrease amount!)

2 tsp Grade B organic maple syrup (adds carbs, necessary for brain growth)

1/4 tsp of bifodobacterium infantis (I use MaxiBabydophilus from Country Life)

1/2 teaspoon high-vitamin cod liver oil (I use Nordic Naturals Children”s DHA. I don’t include this in the formula, but rather, give him this amount each day during one of his meals. I was worried about the fishy and fruity flavor it would add to the formula.)

1 tsp unrefined sunflower oil (Rapunzel brand) for Vitamin E

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil for monosaturated fats

2 tsp virgin coconut oil (this is very important, as it contains lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid. It’s an important antiviral, antifungal that’s found in breast milk)

2 tsp nutritional yeast (This is also very important as it contains the B vitamins.If your child is gassy or has reflux on this formula, remove the yeast first and see if it improves. Yeasts vary from brand to brand, Organic and Thrifty recommends Lewis Labs.)

1/4 teaspoon amla or acerola powder (I am still on the lookout for this, and can’t find it in any of the natural food stores here in Flagstaff.)

Blend all ingredients together in a blender. Pour into individual bottles or one large. (I have found that pouring into bottles immediately helps distribute the coconut oil that sits on top, as it is harder to separate after refrigerating.) To warm, place in a bottle warmer, or pan of simmering water. Never use a microwave. This formula is best made daily to preserve freshness and to optimize nutrition.

Helpful Hint: I put in the dry ingredients first, then the oily ones, then the syrup and molasses. That way, I can use one measuring spoon for the whole process, and the oils keep the molasses from sticking to the spoon.

Hope this recipe, and link to Organic and Thrifty helps!

Like a Duck in Water

We took Georgie swimming today. He loved the water. Mostly, he just loved watching the other swimmers, and hitting the water over and over and over again. It was so much fun to watch him be a kid.

Now, we’re home and he’s crawling around in a clean oversized t shirt after a warm, post swim shower. I feel really blessed right now, and I think he does too. Josh definitely does (since I’m letting him nap for a while).

(My phone camera doesn’t work, so we didn’t get good pictures from the pool. Bummer! Here’s a few from when we got to the car.)




This is Georgie

Meet G Man.

G can stand for goofy, gallant, gorgeous and Giorgio (his formal first name).

He is already a little man on a mission. He works hard all day to make people laugh, and to gain independence on the ground. If he’s not smiling he’s growling, he’s not much of a crier, so, when he does, my heart breaks. Right now he should wear a helmet because he gains a new bruise right in the middle of his forehead the minute the last one disappears.

George has changed my little world.