This is Aunt Em.

The following is a note from one of my best friends. We walked to school together, listened to Backstreet together and roomed together in college. Hoping our kids will do the same together someday. Backstreets back alright? 


Happy birthday G-man!!

I just wanted you to know how much you are loved.  When I found out you were born, I ran in the hallway and started crying even though I was coaching a volleyball game!  I was just so excited to meet you I didn’t care who saw me.  I got to meet you the next weekend with Chaz and Anthony.  We all loved you right away.  Especially Chaz and Anthony.



I don’t know if you know this, but your mommy is part of a very special club, the Myrtle Street Gang..  There are only four members: your mommy Auntie Sara, “Auntie” Britt, and “Auntie” Em (me!).  We all grew up together and have been best friends since grade school. But now, YOU are part of the Myrtle Street Gang!  You’ve already been on tons of fun adventures with the Myrtle Street Gang.  Last Christmas for example, you went shopping with us in Omaha!  I can tell by your face how much fun you had. 



You bring everyone so much joy even though you are far away!  I love to see pictures of you changing and growing.  One night this summer, Uncle Chaz and I got to babysit you.  We had so much fun watching you take toys out of the toy box and put them back in, over and over.  It was also hilarious when you crawled into a diaper box and smacked a football into your face for fun.  I think you’ll make a great linebacker someday.   Hopefully we can come see you again soon.  Here is a picture of us when we visited you and your mommy and daddy in South Dakota. 



Hope you have a great birthday Georgie! 
Auntie Em

This is Birthday Week.

We are getting ready for Georgie to turn one.


Time has flown.

I dare say Georgie has impacted my world, and many others’ lives in a way that makes me wonder if our calendars have it wrong. He has to be older than one. At the same time, there’s no way he’s already one.

Hard to believe he won’t remember this year. So, I thought I’d spend this week sharing memories that he can one day read: goofy moments, adventures and reflections on how he’s changed me.

Anyone else want to contribute? Send me an email and photos if you’d like ( and I’ll post your memory 🙂


Walk it Out.

So, I have a confession to make: Georgie can walk. He’s been walking since the 2nd. I didn’t want to say anything because I knew it was common courtesy to accompany such an announcement with a video. And, I wanted the video to be cool, darnit.

Today, I had a chance to use our laptop, and a whole chunk of time to myself. So, I put together a little trailer of his cool new (though dangerous…as I learned last night) trick.


This is Convicting

Here is a video of a gentleman that we had the privilege to work with this year. His story is similar to many that we were able to work with at the University of South Dakota. My teammates put some videos of our students together, and I’m so glad they did. When I’m not on campus, it reminds me that our work does not only touch lives, but changes lives.

This fundraising is worth it. This big move to Arizona is worth it. I’ll let Greg (in the video) tell you why.

(There are more videos of other students on this YouTube Channel: usdnewmanfocus)


Welcome to my blog.

I would introduce myself, but I think you will have plenty of ways to get to know me through my posts. So, go meet my husband and my son instead.