For the Love of Living Together

I’ll freely admit that I have a lot more “lazy” habits than my husband. In fact, he’s taught me a lot about laundry since I think I did mine maybe three times a semester. And, for most of college, I had a roommate who could double as my mother when it came to fulfilling our domestic needs. (Thanks Hol!) I’ve always been somewhat of a neat freak, and am obsessed with things being “in their place,” but I always put homework or hangout before scrubbing or sweeping.

I have come a long way since college. I actually enjoy cooking and have learned to deep clean rather than straighten up a room. Not to mention, I do laundry several times a week.

I do still forget (every.single.time.) to clean my hair out of the drain, and move the drivers seat back and the steering wheel up.

Now, I’ve finally caught Josh in a habit of illogical behavior of his own…
(the lid is closed and the basket is completely EMPTY)



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