My Victory in Breastfeeding


About two months before Georgie was born, I was confronted with a question I hadn’t thought of, and quite frankly, knew nothing about: “Are you planning to breastfeed?”


Being the avid information gatherer that I am, it signaled the beginning of a race of research. I was really hoping to find out that it didn’t really matter too much one way or another. The whole idea of breastfeeding was foreign to me, and it didn’t seem conducive to my mobile lifestyle. However, the more I read, the more I knew that breast milk would be ideal for my baby.

Learning to breastfeed was highly representative of how hard it was to adjust to motherhood. I was in love with my child, but didn’t love that I couldn’t pick up and go without a fully stocked diaper bag in tote, or that I was spending all day on a couch healing and nursing, and nursing and nursing.

Eventually, with the help of a lactation consultant, we discovered that our little guy had a slow-suck. Which explained why I was feeding him for nearly an hour, then pumping an enormous amount to supplement with.

I can’t quite remember which month we were in when I decided it was time to begin exclusively pumping. Though much of our decision seemed driven by my slow adjustment to the new obligations of motherhood (check out this article…it explains the adjustment so well!, I couldn’t deny that Georgie was happy and plump because of our ginormous breast milk supplementation, and that he was losing interest in “nursing”.

So, we began the adventure of exclusive pumping. I say we, to give credit to Josh. I think Georgie’s slow suck, or was it my discomfort (does it really matter?), was countered by Josh’s “We can do this!” attitude. So, while Josh was with the baby in the morning and night, and during our lunch, I was pumping.

Between cleaning bottles and parts, and having to pump in the middle of the night, it was a lot of work. I can’t describe how much I wished I was nursing Georgie, rather than chilling with a machine. However, it doesn’t matter. Georgie is nearly eleven months now. He is healthy and he loves his mama. (I was worried about missing out on important bonding.)

So, why am I posting this now?

Two reasons:

First, I want to celebrate something. When I first started to exclusively pump, my goal was to make it until Georgie was nine months. I made it ten and a half!

Second, to mention a formula alternative, that made my inability to produce anymore, feel a lot better. So, stay tuned. I’ll give details on that tomorrow.


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