This is our Life

Meet my family.

We are young and married with a now nearly 8 month old. We survive on love from our family, friends, mission partners (supporters) and Christ. As our lives have increased in difficulty, our capacity to love and experience joy has increased even more. Thank God.

We are Catholic Missionaries with FOCUS. This is a big part of who we are. We are committed to introducing the people we come in contact with to Jesus. We spent our first year and a half of marriage up in Vermillion, South Dakota at the University of South Dakota. I wanted to cry when I found out I was assigned there. I also wanted to cry when I had to leave the amazing students we shared our lives with. In August, we will be moving to Flagstaff, Arizona to continue our mission there at Northern Arizona University.



This is Josh

Meet my husband.

Josh is my rock of optimism, faith and ambition. If I express a desire to do something out loud, he shows me why it’s more than possible to achieve. The reason my life is an adventure is because of Josh’s vision and faith…and this rocks…since I love adventures.

Most people know that Josh is funny, or more like hilarious. He loves performing and lightening up situations. He helps bring joy to the seriousness of finances, chores, parenting and relationships.

He entered my world my senior year of high school, and changed it forever on New Years Eve 2010, when we were married.


This is Georgie

Meet G Man.

G can stand for goofy, gallant, gorgeous and Giorgio (his formal first name).

He is already a little man on a mission. He works hard all day to make people laugh, and to gain independence on the ground. If he’s not smiling he’s growling, he’s not much of a crier, so, when he does, my heart breaks. Right now he should wear a helmet because he gains a new bruise right in the middle of his forehead the minute the last one disappears.

George has changed my little world.